We Stand with Israel


In the early morning hours of Saturday. October 7, 2023, the embers of the Holocaust were rekindled across Southern Israel. Alas, while those embers have never been wholly extinguished, and while Israel has had to resort to arms periodically since this young nation of survivors came into existence 75 years go, never has it been the victim of such abject barbarity. The horror being inflicted upon Israel by Hamas and Islamic Jihad from Gaza is beyond terrorism-- it is shear, wanton evil without historic parallel.


By now, we have all seen the horrific pictures. We have all heard the testimony of surviving eye witnesses, the cries of anguish from family and friends of those 1400 initial victims -- increasing daily -- of unspeakable cruelty -- of barbaric slaughter, compounded by torture and rape. And we have seen the grieving families of some 240 hostages, unbearably agonizing over the unknowable fate of their sons and daughters, parents and grandparents, and young children -- helplessly, but ever hopefully, crying out for help. WE GRIEVE WITH THEM !

For almost a month now, we have listened to and read commentary and watched continuous footage of the carnage of war. In both Israel and Gaza.  Indeed, we have watched as rockets are launched out of Gaza directed exclusively at civilian targets -- including Baltimore's sister city of Ashkelon, a mere 9 miles from Gaza. But only one party initiated this. And only one party is responsible for the consequences. Hamas !

And perhaps just as tragic-- perhaps even more so -- has been the perverse and widespread outpouring of support for the uncivilized. criminal actions perpetrated by Hamas. Deviant acts of nauseating inhumanity which should shock the conscience of normal, rational human beings is being met with insane protests against the victims -- against Israel and its inhabitants.

While these demonstrations have been selective. At universities and city centers. The numbers, however, have been deeply disturbing. Indeed, it is mind numbing. Bone chilling.

 The pervasiveness is shocking. We say "insane", but that really does not capture the nature of what we have been witnessing. One can substitute such words as: "ignorant" or "naive" or assign to it some sort of illogical cultural tribalism. But no, this is the logical product of decades of propaganda and brainwashing. And this must be addressed as well.

We can say that these demonstrations are incomprehensible.  But no, and sadly, they are very comprehensible. They have been the product of insidious, historical misrepresentations of fact taught on college campuses and emanating out of social media. This narrative has been disseminated by anti semitic organizations -- masquerading as humanitarian missionaries for justice and peace.  But in fact, history has been turned on its head. And too many innocents have been duped.

Let us be very clear. One can, indeed should, sympathize with the plight of the so called "Palestinian" people. Absolutely. They have been exploited and wronged. But not just for 75 years -- for over a century. But by whom? Who has been the perpetrator? What are the facts?

The FACTS point to the surrounding Arab nations and their leaders. The FACTS point to corrupt and self aggrandizing "Palestinian" leaders and rulers. And the FACTS also point to a long history of blatant Anti Semitism in the region. This can not be glossed over. When these naive, at best, demonstrators shout out "Palestine from the River to the Sea", they are calling not for a "free Palestine" -- which they have rejected 5+ times -- but for the total annihilation of Israel and the complete extinction of the Jewish people.

 Have we learned nothing? Well some of us have. Indeed, most of us have. But coddling and placating the angry mobs of mislead and deceived protesters -- regardless of their sincere but errant convictions - is not just wrong, it is tragic.

Thus, we the Baltimore Republican Party stand resolutely with the people of Israel and loudly proclaim with them: NEVER AGAIN !