Committee Members


Chairman - Tom Kennedy

1st Vice Chair - Kyna McKenzie

2nd Vice-Chair - Dennis Betzel

Treasurer - Nicholas Wentworth

Secretary - Blaire Freed


1st Kyna McKenzie
1st Nicholas Wentworth  
3rd Shannon Wright Shannon Wright
4th Lisa Jones  
5th Maria Vismale
7th Christopher Anderson Christopher Anderson
7th Gwendolyn Butler  
7th  Tamu Davenport  
7th Jovani Patterson
7th William Hellman  
8th Dennis Betzel Dennis Betzel
9th Victor Clark, Jr.  
9th Shawn Jones  

Mekkah Mohammed

Mekkah X Mohammed is a rising star in the Maryland Republican Party..more



11th Zulieka Baysmore  
11th Adam Chavin  
11th Gary Collins  
11th Tom Kennedy  

Pete Waters 

Pete Waters served 21 years in the U.S. Navy more

12th Eugene Boikai  
13th Blaire Freed 
13th Cynthia Raperto  
14th D. Danté Hayes  
14th Charles Long