Community activists call for Nick and Marilyn Mosby to resign following federal probe

Community activists call for Nick and Marilyn Mosby to resign following federal probe

Jovani Patterson, along with other activists, called for the resignation of both Nick and Marilyn Mosby following the federal investigation into their taxes and campaign contributions..jpg

BALTIMORE (WBFF) – After a wide-ranging federal investigation surfaced Friday into Baltimore City’s top political couple – Nick and Marilyn Mosby – the pair is already facing calls to resign.

Baltimore City State's Attorney Marilyn Mosby and Baltimore City Council President Nick Mosby are the targets of the investigation according to multiple sources and two subpoenas obtained by FOX45 News. This is a wide-ranging investigation and sources confirm the F.B.I. served multiple subpoenas. 

Friday evening, with City Hall as a backdrop, a group that called themselves community activists, demanded the couple step down from their positions.

“Baltimore City residents know exactly how this goes. It’s the same old song and dance of investigation, indictment, conviction. ‘It started with Mayor Dixon. And then it suddenly went from her to Catherine Pugh and Healthy Holly,” Gary Collins said, one of the people calling for the resignation. “We beg Nick. . We beg Marilyn Mosby to step aside and resign.”

One of the subpoenas was served on Marilyn Mosby’s campaign treasurer Sharif Small. He sent the subpoena to the State Board of Elections. The document shows the Mosby’s are being investigated for their income taxes, Marilyn Mosby's campaign finance reports, and personal businesses.

The subpoena requests multiple documents including all of the Mosbys' tax documents from 2014 to 2020 and all supporting schedules. The request calls for spreadsheets, notes, receipts, checks, and bank statements. The document also asks for political records including campaign finance records from the "Friends of Marilyn Mosby."

The couple’s private businesses are also part of the wide-ranging probe. Prosecutors requested records for a company Nick Mosby started, Monumental Squared, LLC, and three businesses Marilyn Mosby started: Mahogany Elite Enterprises LLC, Mahogony Elite Travel, and Mahogony Elite Consulting.

“Is this the image that we want to have on our city? Investigation after investigation of our top officials and then ultimately see them getting walked out the door doing the walk of shame,” Jovani Patterson said, another supporter of the Mosbys’ resignation.


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