Dan Cox for Governor

Children, Careers and Community Safety.

Dear friend,
All across Maryland, parents, small businesses, families and retirees are upset with the failed Biden agendas.  

Wes Moore is championing these failed and dangerous policies.  

While he is raising money from the international law firms and big pharmaceuticals and is in the Hamptons this month raising money from Oprah, C-Street globalists and power-hungry radicals, this week I was in the neighborhoods of West Baltimore hearing concerns of students and parents.

Wes Moore and co. are planning to come after our children for forced health mandates and sexual indoctrination in schools, and will continue the sanctuary state causing rampant crime.  It's even on Moore's website, claiming he will force every local school board to follow his indoctrination of the hearts and souls of our children, and his own campaign events require experimental vaccine proof card/passport entry-only.

Think about that - he says no to a simple voter ID and yes to a sanctuary state endangering our kids while demanding papers via an invasive vaccine "passport."

I won't stand for it or for anyone who supports such despicable acts.  As I write this I am hearing my four year old son sing a song while he builds his legos. Valerie and I have a stake in our kids' freedom too. That's why we are running to win.  And I have a strategy to do so with a path to victory.  

My Lt. Gov. candidate Gordana Schifanelli is also fighting with me for Maryland's children.  Her professional career and determined approach, alongside her husband Marc - an elected school board official, to defend parents gives you double the benefit for the future of Maryland's prosperity.

Will you help us?  The time is now.  Below are a couple flyers you can use to help distribute to voters our message.  And I need your urgent and continued support if you can chip in $100, $250, $350 or anything right now before the August 23 report deadline.  You may also want our new "Mama Bears for Dan Cox" T-shirt.  

We need your help now as there are only 94 days until the general election.  In the next week your donation will help us:
  • $100 pays for about 210 mail pieces reaching about 430 household voters directly
  • $250 pays for about one day of radio ads on a major station reaching 8,000,000 people 
  • $350 joins our freedom circle and pays for about one day of cable TV advertising

Thank you.

For Freedom we have been made free - let's use it wisely and defend it now.


Dan Cox
Republican nominee for Governor

P.S.  We have announced a winning leadership team (see press release below).  Donate today - and ask at least 10 of your friend to as well - to help us win. Thank you.