E Coli Press Release

The Baltimore City Government has been host to many dirty scandals this year. We have our dirty States Attorney Marilyn Mosby, who is being indicted for financial fraud. There is our dirty City Council President Nick Mosby, also still under investigation in connection to his financial dealings. There is our dirty Public Schools CEO Sonja Santelises who is being sued for allowing the BCPS to become a hotbed of corruption that fails our students. And now, we have dirty water contaminated by E.Coli virus in the West Baltimore neighborhood of Harlem Park. The area affected (as far as we know) is .31 Square miles but includes hundreds of homes and families who are suffering because of the incompetence and mismanagement out of City Hall.

Historically, this area of Baltimore has been ignored or exploited by city Democrats. Less than a mile southeast, residents of the West Baltimore neighborhood of Poppleton have been fighting an eminent domain declaration from City Hall in a bid to hand over the land to developers. And the infamous “highway to nowhere” which creates a huge divide between the north and south segments of West Baltimore is a result of Democrats like Barbra Mikulski stopping a huge interstate development project in time to leave their upscale neighborhood of Fells Point intact while leaving the West Baltimore Neighborhoods of Harlem Park and Franklin Square divided and robbed of economic opportunity. And of course, there are many more exploitations both major and minor. But allowing the drinking water of these neighborhoods to become infected with a potentially deadly virus like E.Coli is more than just an indignity, it is an outright crime.

While we encourage the residents of this neighborhood to demand answers and express their outrage to their elected officials (their names and contact info are listed on the second page of this press release), we also encourage residents in the affected neighborhood and surrounding areas to stay safe and take precautions to ensure your health and safety:


  1. Boil water before consumption. Bring the water to a rolling boil for 1 minute before you drink it or use it to make food. This includes water used for drinking, brushing teeth, washing produce, preparing food and formula, making ice, feeding pets, washing dishes, ect.
  2. Discard all ice, stored water, or drinks (kool-aid, tea, other drinks made from powders or mixes) that have been made recently.
  3. Wash your hands with water boiled on the stove. Boil the water separately using the same method described above, cool it down, then wash your hands as normal with soap and the now clean water.
  4. Try to purchase bottled water if possible for cooking and drinking.


If you or a family member are experiencing the symptoms of E.Coli (Diarrhea, Stomach Cramps, Nausea, or Vomiting), please immediately contact a doctor at a nearby urgent care. You can also take the following steps (found on the Mayo Clinics website) to speed up recovery and prevent complications:


  • Drink Clear Liquids including bottled water, clear sodas and seltzers, broths, gelatins, and juices except for apple and pear juice. Avoid Caffeinated and Alcoholic beverages
  • Avoid Dairy Products, High Fibre Foods, Fatty Foods, or highly seasoned foods that will worsen symptoms
  • Avoid Anti-Diarrheal Medicines and Anti-Biotics till you see your doctor. Anti-Diarreals prevent your body from getting rid of toxins while unprescribed antibiotics can increase the risk of serious complications (its easier of course to remember you should never start or stop taking any medication without consulting a doctor.)


This incident is another example of the unacceptable conditions created by one party rule. E.Coli in the water supply is an issue we expect to see in 3rd world countries, not in a major metropolitan city like Baltimore. As a city, we can do better and we deserve better. We want the Residents of Harlem Park to know we share your outrage and stand beside you in asking for accountability from our elected officials. And we will continue to fight for a city government that works for and is accountable to the people of Baltimore.


Please check the Mayo Clinic for more tips on handling E.Coli: https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/e-coli/diagnosis-treatment/drc-20372064







City Council District 9: John T. Bullock

Phone: 410-396-4815

Email: [email protected]


MD Senate District 44: Charles E. Sydnor

Phone: 410-841-3612

Email: [email protected]

Mayor Brandon Scott

Phone: 410-396-3835

Email: [email protected]


MD House District 44A: Roxane Prettyman

Phone: 410-841-3801

Email: [email protected]

City Council President Nick Mosby

Phone: 410-396-4804

Email: [email protected]