Election Integrity

When we were living in Homeland, we regularly received ballots for dead owners of the property before us. Even when we reported this to the Election Board, nothing changed.

SEC. 7.22 The General Assembly shall pass Laws
necessary for the preservation of the purity of Elections.
— Maryland Constitution

The founders demanded “Purity”, not just preventing some malarkey here and there.

Our institutions have been corrupted. Our media lie to us. Our health agencies are captured by big pharma’s money. But when our elections are corrupted, we have lost our soul.

Voting is a privilege and a right. We must count every single legitimate vote, and root out those that are not to be counted. People attempting to taint the system must be prosecuted.

2000 Mules - For those of you that deny election fraud occurs, please watch the documentary 2000 Mules. You be the judge - is there any conceivable reason someone would drive to 10+ dropboxes and insert multiple ballots?

Here is where to find the movie as of 5/26/22


Three ways -

Go to Fandango & get tickets at Arundel Mills (playing this weekend)


Buy the DVD


Buy on Locals/Rumble & watch


Explained here-



What can you do? Get involved. First understand what happened. Then become an election judge and do your part in assuring the “purity” of our election process. Thank you.