Governor Hogan, Baltimore Mayor to meet about violent crime

BALTIMORE — After some back and forth, Gov. Larry Hogan and Baltimore City Mayor Scott will be meeting next week to talk about violent crime.

"Whether or not they agree, they need to understand each other," said Erricka Bridgeford, Baltimore Ceasefire co-founder.

Bridgeford is excited the two are sitting down for a meeting to address violent crime in the city. especially during a surge.

"Baltimore needs it because when there are things that need to be healed, when decisions are being made, when it’s crucial that those decisions really work for everyone, a collaborative process is the way to go," said Bridgeford.

So far in 2021, Baltimore City has recorded 108 murders, 12 more than this time last year.

On Tuesday, Hogan expressed his disappointment with city leadership, suggesting tougher laws and investing more in police.

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