Mar a Lago Raid Condemnation

Written by Amal Torres; edited by Tom Kennedy
Baltimore City Republican Central Committee Condemns Mar A Lago Raid
We join the 70% of the American electorate who are shocked and dismayed by the unlawful raid of President Donald Trump’s home on August 8th in Palm Beach, Florida. 
The raid -- authorized by an Obama-appointed Federal magistrate who once represented former employees of the deceased sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein -- purportedly intended to secure classified documents believed to be in the former president’s home.  
American justice once required that a crime be investigated for as long as it took until the responsible person is found.  These days, people are investigated as long as it takes until an appropriate crime is found.  The Biden Administration and the Radical Left, though we repeat ourselves, are weaponizing Federal agencies that once enjoyed the enthusiastic trust of the American people.  But with yet another hunting expedition in search of evidence against a political enemy (does the 30-month, $32,000,000 Mueller Investigation ring a bell?), Biden’s “Justice” Department is bastardizing the spirit of the Constitution’s 4th Amendment search and seizure protections.  
Much like their ideological forebears, Leftists show no compunction about intimidating or silencing people who openly oppose them.  Their actions are clearly reminiscent of the most dangerous authoritarian regimes of the 20th Century. 
As Americans who are proud to be American, we condemn the absurd notion the FBI needed 30 agents to raid a home to recover documents.  We reiterate our allegiance to life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, and the constitutional protections we have enjoyed for two and a half centuries.   And we recommit ourselves to resisting authoritarians who arrogantly stand in the way of, or actively oppose, our freedoms.