Maryland Election Integrity Review


[1] Voter Rolls must be accurate

[2] Votes Counted must be from eligible voters

[3] Votes must equal the number of people who voted

[4] Error rates must be no more than 1 in 125K ballots


1. Findings implicate voter rolls are INACCURATE

  • 1,021 registered “Duplicate” voters with the same first name, address, and date of birth as of 6/2023
  • 10,813 registered “Twin” voters (same birth, address, last name, different first name) voted 11/2020
  • 8,455 registered voters do not have a P.O. verified mailing address as of 1/2023 database snapshot
  • 10,802 registered voters who never lived at the residence or moved more than 4 years ago as of 1/2023 snapshot
  • 831 registered voters with a UPS, Fed-Ex or PO Box Mailing Address
  • 98 dead registered (Harford County) voters
  • 392 registered voters under the eligible age of 18 voted across 5 Federal elections (2014, 2016, 2018, 2020, 2022)
  • 76,594 less votes reported by State Board of Elections (SBE) than City and County Boards of Elections*

2. Findings implicate inaccuracies are potentially costing taxpayers money

  • $41,166 cost to mail 25,240 absentee ballots that were never used due to the voter deciding to vote provisionally at the last minute.*
  • $1.3 million potential cost to state for mailing out ballots where 14% of the registration addresses are inaccurate.

3. The “Inexplicables”

  • 19,678 blank ballots in Baltimore County in 2022 Primary.
  • 4663 county registrations dates BEFORE State Registration Dates as of 6/2023.
  • 23,088 voters did NOT vote in the 2016 Presidential election, VOTED in the 2020 Presidential election, and were INACTIVE in 12/2021 voter information snapshot.
  • 1,365 voters were INACTIVE prior to the 2022 Gubernatorial Primary, ACTIVE right after the Primary, and once again INACTIVE after the Primary.

4. Findings implicate inaccuracies are in violation of State and Federal laws

  • BOE NDA updated language [NVRA 1993 Section 8(i)(1)]
  • All registrations not reflecting accurately in our voter rolls are in violation of State and Federal Law [Maryland Election Law Article §3–505(b)(1); §3–505(c)(1); NVRA 1993 Section 2(b)(4)]

All findings derived from the official Maryland voter registration list. All background sources available upon request.