Baltimore City Republican Party Central Committee Members



Tom Kennedy

Tom Kennedy (Chairman) is a lawyer, former high school teacher, and retired U.S. Army Reserve Lieutenant Colonel with over ten years of active duty. A graduate of the State University of New York and Syracuse University, he earned master’s degrees in English Literature and Political Science as well as a juris doctorate. He served over 24 years as an enlisted Marine, Army Engineer, and Judge Advocate, with assignments in South Korea overseeing a legal office and in Afghanistan as a member of a fact-finding team for the Joint Center for Operational Analysis. An alternate delegate to the 2016 Republican National Convention, Tom was chairman of the Baltimore City for Trump campaign that year and again in 2020, when he was elected to serve as a Trump delegate from Maryland’s 7th Congressional District. He has served as Chairman of the BCRCC since January 2021.



Kyna McKenzie

Kyna McKenzie

KJ McKenzie is Co-Owner of Metro Conservative Media and currently serves as 1st Vice Chair of the Baltimore City Republican Party. Her goal is to grow the Republican Party in the city and surrounding areas through targeted outreach and media.



Dennis Betzel





Blaire Freed

Blaire Freed’s political activism began at age seven when her mother sent her on her bicycle to deliver Republican sample ballots to neighbors’ doorways the day before the primary election.

Since February 2012, Blaire has represented Baltimore’s 13th councilmanic district on the Republican central committee. She was secretary of the Maryland Black Republican Council for several years and is currently secretary of the city central committee.

Blaire has coordinated dozens of local Republican events, a huge increase from the years prior to her appointment, which won her the Maryland Republican Woman of the Year Award in 2016.




William Hellman

William Hellman

William Hellmann is a writer, politico, and lifetime resident if Baltimore. He is well versed in its history and believes with good Republican Leadership, our City can achieve the greatness it had in the past without repeating the mistakes of the past.




Blanca Tapahuasco

Blanca Tapahuasco

Blanca Tapahuasco is originally from San Salvador, El Salvador. Along with her younger brother, Blanca was adopted and grew up in Baltimore County, Maryland. After high school, Blanca studied at Maryland Institute College of Art.

Blanca has been teaching and tutoring people from all over the world both privately and in public school settings for over twenty years. She has traveled to Mexico several times and has served as a medical translator in some of the most remote areas of Eastern Mexico as part of a Christian medical caravan team.

Blanca and her husband have three amazing young boys who keep her inspired, challenged, and teach her the importance of enjoying life at its fullest every day!

Blanca and her family have lived in Baltimore City for twenty years. The Tapahuasco household has two guinea pigs named Peanut and LG (Little Guinea).