Residents confront Marilyn Mosby at tense community meeting

Baltimore City State's Attorney Marilyn Mosby clashed with residents Wednesday at a tense meeting of the Roland Park Civic League.

Mosby faced pointed questions about the city's rising homicide rate and her upcoming federal trial. She is accused of perjury and lying when she filed two mortgage applications.

Baltimore restaurant owner Tony Foreman argued that the rise in crime in Baltimore has coincided with Mosby's eight years in office. Foreman and his business partner, Cindy Wolf, own some of the top restaurants in the city, including the Charleston Restaurant, Cinghiale and Petit Louis Bistro.

Foreman questioned her policies of deprioritizing lesser crimes and noted homicides have been over 300 for several years.

Mosby pushed back, pointing to problems in the Baltimore Police Department and different crime plans under different mayors. But she forcefully disagreed that her office had an effect on the homicide rate.

"Am I responsible? Am I responsible for the number of high homicides, you understand the role of a prosecutor, right? I do," Mosby told Foreman. "And so to attribute the number of homicides to my prosecutors, I think again, it's illogical." 

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