Commo Team--

Can you give me a report during or before the June meeting that imagines the scope and appearance of a fully-revised website that contains
For what it's worth, in a perfect world, here are some of the areas I'd like to explore (in English and Spanish)...
* A page devoted to the BCRCC Vision Statement and a detailed GOP platform to improve life in the city
* Photos/bios of each member
* Highlights of our LRD Dinners
* Instructional page on
   -- how to register to vote; 
   -- qualification and explanation how to sign up to be a poll watcher; 
   -- qualifications and explanation how to sign up to be an election judge
* Pics of our members in the community at various political events/rallies 
   -- e.g., Zulieka at the Bd of Education 
              Jovani bringing the lawsuit  
              Tamu picketing Planned Parenthood  
              Mekkah's end-of-year memorial at city hall for the 300+ dead, etc. 
* a Drudgereport-style page containing of news links to newspaper, magazine, blog, and other sites highlighting the failures of Democrat policies
* An All-Conservative Page that helps the curious learn more about who we are philosophically; it can list, among other things 
   -- top conservative websites (e.g., National Review), 
   -- a link to the 100 Greatest Conservatives, as well as the hundred greatest...
          - books
          - movies
          - novels    (all of these can be found via Google search)
   -- conservative poems (e.g. Rudyard Kipling's "If") and aphorisms, such as...
1) I’d rather entrust the government of the United States to the first 400 people listed in the Boston telephone directory than to the faculty of Harvard University. 
    — William F. Buckley
2) All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing. 
    — Edmund Burke
3) The inherent vice of capitalism is the unequal sharing of blessings; the inherent virtue of socialism is the equal sharing of miseries. 
     — Winston Churchill
* Link to 2000 mules
Let me know -- how much your proposal will cost
                      -- the input you will need from other members (e.g., bios and photos) 
                      -- estimated time to begin and complete the project
                      -- how much $$, effort, and personnel it will take thereafter to maintain it