Three questions for the reader:

1) Are you satisfied with the property tax rate in Baltimore City (it is twice as high as other counties - 2.24% in the city vs 1.2% in other counties). Whether you own or rent, personal or business, you pay this tax in some form or another.

2) Are you satisfied with the services being provided by the city (public safety, public education, infrastructure, overall quality of life)

3) Do you want to pay less and get better services? is a group of city leaders working now to get 10,000 signatures on 2 petitions. If they succeed, two measures will be placed on the general election ballot that we will be able to vote on.

The first lowers the property tax rate from 2.24% to 1.25% over a 6 year period.

The second strikes language from the city charter that stops this type of referendum.


Our own Jovani Patterson describes what Renew Baltimore is all about.


Please go to for more details. You can also read the paper describing how this worked in San Francisco here.


We have about 2 weeks left to get 6,000 signatures. Let’s do it! Email Scott Graham at [email protected] or text me at 443 672 8194 if I can help.


Thank you!

7-11-22 Gubernatorial Debate

BTN/MAPCS Maryland Gubernatorial Townhall Debate

Baltimore Teacher Network and the Maryland Alliance of Public Charter Schools invite you to join us for our Maryland Gubernatorial Debate. The focus of our debate will be centered around education and the theme will be "our students, our schools, and our future."
This event is open to the public. We encourage city residents and Baltimore City Public Schools educators to join us. 
We have reached out to all gubernatorial candidates, regardless of party affiliation, in order to present a robust and well-rounded exchange of ideas. 
Date: Monday, July 11, 2022
Time: 6:00pm 
Auditorium doors will open at 5:30pm
Fine Arts Building Auditorium
Baltimore City Community College
2901 Liberty Heights Avenue, Baltimore, Maryland 21215
 In-person event registration can be completed on Eventbrite. 
Click on the link below to register and secure your seat today!
(listed alphabetically)
Jon Baron
Dan Cox
Robin Ficker
Doug Gansler
Ralph W. Jaffe
John King
David Lashar
Tom Perez
Kelly Schulz
Kyle Sefcik
Jerome M. Segal
Nancy Wallace
Joe Werner


Baltimore Elections Board Error

Election Integrity is essential. The process will fail without full trust in the system.  Full trust requires due diligence by authorities such as the Baltimore Board of Elections to do everything in its power that every lawful vote is counted, and only lawful votes are counted.

Read the Baltimore Brew article here:

From the article: 

“It’s not a lot. A couple of thousand voters, I think, is all,” Armstead B.C. Jones Sr., director of the Baltimore City Board of Elections, said. “We’re still trying to get a handle on it.”

One wrong vote is too many.


baltimore board of elections error

Election Integrity

When we were living in Homeland, we regularly received ballots for dead owners of the property before us. Even when we reported this to the Election Board, nothing changed.

SEC. 7.22 The General Assembly shall pass Laws
necessary for the preservation of the purity of Elections.
— Maryland Constitution
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Nick Mosby violated ethics law

Baltimore Council President Nick Mosby violated ethics law by accepting money from city contractors via legal defense fund, board rules

Baltimore Sun
May 12, 2022 at 6:41 pm

Baltimore City Council President Nick Mosby violated the city’s ethics ordinance by indirectly soliciting for a legal-defense fund that took donations from at least two city contractors, the city’s Board of Ethics said in a ruling Thursday that ordered Mosby to stop accepting money from the fund.

The fund was established for the legal defense of him and his wife, Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby, as they faced a federal criminal investigation last year into their financial dealings. While Nick Mosby has not been charged with anything, Marilyn Mosby was charged this year with perjury and making false statements related to the purchase of two Florida houses.

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Residents confront Marilyn Mosby at tense community meeting

Why is 300 the number?

A huge thank you

This is what a RED WAVE looks like